A Child's Poem

A gift sent straight from heaven
Unconditional is your love
You bring us all such joy
What a blessing from above

How I love to hear you call out
"Auntie Suzie" with a smile
How I love to come and see you
If only for a while

Together we play many games
Including horsy on the rug
And anytime I'm feeling blue
You make it better with a hug

You're as pretty as a princess
And with Jesus in your heart
You're so precious to the family
Our little girl so smart

Your giggles are contagious
You love is so sincere
It's so special to be loved by you
So great to have you near

I love to see you having fun
And share all the things you know
The little angel we all adore
How I love to watch you grow

Whether frosting Santa's cookies
Or going to the zoo
Cooking pizza in your kitchen
Or splashing in the pool

Kissing cousin Mikey
Being Grandma's flower girl
Watching "The New Parent Trap"
Taking the log ride for a whirl

Painting your nails so pretty
Trick-or-treating door to door
Going to the movie show
Coloring on the floor

The special times we've shared
The fun we always find
I'm so proud to be related
To a little girl so kind

If I become a mommy
And if I become a wife
That won't ever change how much
I love being in your life

You learn so fast, you mind so well
You'll always be my pal
No matter where life takes us both
I'll always be there, yes I shall
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