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The Cat in the Hat,
I'm sure you've heard that.
But now here's a new one,
A story 'bout hats.

Hats can be short,
And hats can be tall.
You can wear them to the market,
Or you can wear them playin' ball.

Some people wear their hats
To block away the sun.
Some people wear their hats
Just because they think it's fun.

The pilgrims, they wore hats,
And nurses, they do too.
Sombreros are a Spanish hat,
But that I bet you knew.

Hats can be all colors,
All shapes and sizes too.
Like a cowboy hat or a pirates hat
In black or white or blue.

Magicians use their hats
To pull their rabbits from.
And a sailor has his hat on
When it's home from sea he comes.

There are hats for all occasions
And many places too.
So tonight we thought we'd model
The hats we made for you.
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