In Memoriam ...

A husband, a brother, an uncle beloved,
Surrogate father to many he touched,
Faithful believer, friend til the end
Man of integrity, man who would lend
A hug or a smile, whatever the need,
He showed how he cared and others believed.
He served God and country with courage and honor.
To help out a friend was never a bother.
He brought many joy with the love that he shared.
To the person he was, no one can compare.
He now rests in heaven, at peace evermore,
Leaving memories we'll cherish til we reach heaven's door.

There will never be another
Like the grandma I hold dear.
Though the miles were between us,
In my heart I kept her near.

How I loved to come and visit,
Send her flowers, gifts and cards.
Hope she knew how much she meant to me,
What a blessing to my heart.

My faithful southern grandma,
The example that she set.
It's something to which I aspire,
It inspired those she met.

How proud I was to love her,
And to know her precious heart.
How will I ever fill the gap.
Now that we'll be apart?

But somehow I know she's watching
From somewhere up above.
And maybe she'll even play a part
When I someday fall in love.

For I wanted her to be there
When I someday say I do.
I hope she'll watch and smile
As she gently guides me through.

I love you Grandma, I'll be alright
Though I'll miss you everyday
And someday I'll tell my children
Just what a role you played.

In molding me, in shaping me,
In giving me my dad.
I'll love you now and always
Even if for now I'm sad.

But I know that you're in heaven,
Jesus by your side.
Someday I'll be there with you,
And forever we'll abide.

Grandmother, mother,
sister, and friend
For guidance and comfort,
On her we could depend.
A faithful believer,
So strong and so dear.
The love that she shared
Made others draw near.
Her life was a blessing.
Each memory we'll cherish.
For all that she was,
The love will not perish
A gift for the future,
Her legacy lives on
In the people she touched,
And each precious bond.
She shaped us and cared for us,
Made us each who we are.
And I know in my heart
She will never be far.
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