Mother's Day

Mom, you're a blessing,
A gift from above,
One we all care for,
Honor and love.

For who else has a mother
Who's as willing as you
To be there for her children
In all that they do?

You nursed us. You held us.
You raised us up right.
In a world sometimes dark,
You showed us some light.

From the very beginning,
I remember it well,
How you protected and nurtured us
Each time we fell.

You bandaged up our boo-boos,
Took us to work with you when we were weak,
Drove me home everyday from kindergarten,
Even though our house from the school I could see.

We made several trips to the hospital.
I gave you many reasons to scare,
But somehow you always managed to take it,
Making the pain much more easy to bear.

You have a knack for balancing,
With both your job and family,
And you always make time for helping us
With whatever our needs might be.

Homework, laundry,
Dinner at four,
Buying new school clothes,
Making dresses we wore,

Fixing our hair,
Pulled back tight in a bow,
Leading us through Girl Scouts,
Taking us to the show.

You made the holidays so special
And you wrote just like St. Nick.
Gingerbread cookies and homemade fudge,
Kool-Aid popsicles on a stick.

You've been fun and inviting
To all of my friends.
You've respected my choices
When relations came to an end.

You're there when I get PMSey
Or sometimes get stubborn like you.
You help me get over my insecurities,
And times when I'm lonely or blue.

Mom, you're a friend
And companion, most of all
To go to the movies with
Or to shop with at the mall.

I mean, who else has a mom
Who dances, dressed up so cool?
When God made MY MOM
He sure broke the rules.
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