A New Year's Poem

His mercies are new every morning
Oh what a blessing divine
And because He calls me His child
Forgiveness and grace, they are mine

And so as a new day is dawning
As a new year begins once again
I know that Christ Jesus renews me
On his unconditional love I depend

Oh sure there will be resolutions
So many set goals to attain
And though they might all be well-meaning
Some goals, it does seem are in vain

To get that new sports car to cruise around town
Make and model of course for this year
To lose extra weight somehow gained overnight
When the holiday treats, they were near

Others they work for that title
To earn the respect they deserve
But in all of these goals, let's remember
Who that it is we do serve

Whatever the goal, or the concern
We must lay it all down at His feet
And trust Him and seek His will for our lives
For where we are at, there we'll meet

The Lord hears our prayers, the Lord has a plan
Far greater than we'll ever know
So give Him your hopes, give Him your dreams
His love for you He so wants to show

Like He showed it on Calvary when He stretched out His hands
Like He faithfully does every day
If we'll just let Him lead us, hold us and guide us
As He gently shows us His way

So if you set goals for the new year ahead
Remember one critical thing
Set you sights on the Lord before all
And to you love and hope He will bring
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