A Wedding Story

The story of Michael and Sarah
Is a story to be told,
A story to tell their children,
As together they grow old.

They met in the summer of 87
At the First Baptist.
It had to be a sign of fate,
For that Sunday, neither missed.

Sarah, a recent graduate,
Michael, from Brethren High.
We all met before the service,
And really never said goodbye.

"So here we have two valley girls,"
Said Michael with a smirk.
I didn't think it was so funny,
But his charm apparently worked.

Throughout the summer
The two became friends,
Through youth group activities
And the summer camp weekend.

As romantic interests flickered,
Michael made it a point to sit
Next to Sarah on the bus
As home from camp they went.

Well the next week came and Sarah needed a ride
To the youth group activity.
Of course Michael was glad to oblige her request,
And take her to it with he.

On the way home, they stopped at Penguins
For a tasty frozen treat.
It seems Michael asked for Sarah's number,
Which she thought was really sweet.

Their first date was to the movies,
September 1987.
And on the story goes until
The day Sarah thought she was in heaven.

December 1988,
A year and three months later.
Michael took Sarah to the mountains
To spend the day together.

In the snow they found the words
Written, "I love you,"
But Michael added "Will you marry me?"
Before the day was through.

We know how Sarah answered.
Of course, she did say yes.
And so here we are today,
Sarah in her wedding dress.

It seems these two
Were meant to be together,
And they always will be
Forever and ever.

They both love animals,
Especially fish.
They both love their red sport cars,
The kind for which others only wish.

They love the outdoors,
To bike and to swim.
And I think for each other
They'd go out on a limb.

So on this special day of theirs,
As the two become man and wife,
We wish them all the best of luck
As they begin their brand new life.
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