50th Anniversary Song
(To the tune of Battle of New Orleans)

In 1939 they took a little trip
To Yuma, Arizona
With a smile on their lips.

They took a little chili,
And they took a little beans,
And they went to find a preacher man
To tie the knot it seems.

Well, he was in the Army when the two got married.
Poor grandma didn't know what they had gone and done.
They settled down and got their first place in Costa Mesa.
Had Bobby and Billy, two boys, oh what fun.

He finished the Army,
Worked in a barber shop.
Betty worked for the doc,
While people's hair her husband chopped.

They packed their bags,
And got a place in Orange.
Kept on driving those Chevy's,
Yah, the ones they could afford.

Well there they were in Orange; they had a poodle dog.
Yah, they managed some apartments; that was their new job.
They lived there for a while, with Scooter yah they did,
Until they got the fever, to move again and did.

Yah they lived in Hemet, and that's where they retired.
They lived in the town where you either freeze or fry.
They often get visits from all of their grandkids
Can hardly believe that it's fifty years gone by.

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